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International Teaching Week in Pécs




Tthe Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs is pleased to announce its first International Teaching week taking place in April 22-24 2014.

The idea of organising this event is besides providing our students international experience at home, to have the opportunity of discussing two hot topics in today’s higher education

            delivering and improving entrepreneurial skills within business education

            education of generation Z


The occasion of the Intarnational Teaching Week will provide an excellent atmosphere to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ohio University and University Pecs cooperation. Beside the festive program of celebrating the 25 years of OU and UP cooperation the International Teaching Week offers a vivid and challenging academic program for its participants. One special day will be dedicated to charish the first year of Simonyi BEDC activity.


Participants of the I week will be kindly asked to guest lecturing in one of the following courses:  

HRM (Tuesday 9:30-10:45&Wednesday 9:30-10:45); Operations Management (Tuesday 11:00-13:45); Intercultural Business Communication (Tuesday 12:30-13:45); International Business (Tuesday 17:00-18:15&Wednesday 12:30-13:45); Business Ethics (Wednesday 8:00-10:45); Finance Cases (Wednesday 8:00-10:45); Advertising and Sales Promotion (Wednesday 8:00-10:45); Macroeconomics (Wednesday 11:00-13:45), Financial Accounting (Thursday 8:00-10:45); Leadership and Management of International Business (Thursday 9:30-12:15), Competence Development


Apart from guest lecturing all participants are expected to contribute to one of the main topics of the event by either delivering a speech on the academic plenary (discussing the importance of delivering and improving entrepreneurial skill within business education) or participating and presenting relevant good practices (dealing with issues of education the generation Z) on the workshop of the program.


Applications can be submitted by filling in the registration form.


Applications are expected until March 15, 2014. Selected applicants will be announced by March 24, 2014.


Accommodation for 4 nights, catering and participation on the program are complimentary. Travelling costs and other expenses shall be covered by the participants. Participants are encouraged to apply for Erasmus teaching staff mobility scholarship.


Detailed Program.

Slight changes can be expected on the program. 


For further information please, contact: 

Judit Trombitas
International Coordinator
Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pecs

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